YMO - Music Plans (Live)

YMO - Music Plans (Live)

words by Ryuichi Sakamoto, translated by Peter BarakanI want to look at black picturesand walk in moonlight gardensI take away some insecuritythen put it backno more dried up addictionno more soured sentimentget some military venomtake it wath a pinch of saltmaking music what the planbreaking music a guerrilla born at winter's endspins songs that know no limitlet's do away with sentimentlife should be outspokenpretty girls and owl-like godsjust like nature planned itpallid seagulls cross bacteria seasgive back our festivalskeep men and gods separatehow long can a dream go onback to square one, once a day making music what the plan?breaking musicplaying music what's the plan?decaying musicgrooving music what's the plan?losing musicmaking music